Dirtworks is an entrepreneurial company that has grown quickly due to its innovative approach and focus on solutions which maximize the value of land. Founded in 2004 by Director Iydden Wood, Dirtworks has continued to grow and expand.

Dirtworks Director, Iydden Wood

"Our aim is to improve the usability and value of our clients land through the use of cleanfill, we have discovered that we can offer far more value to client and save huge dollars through the importing of cleanfill to level, raise, fill, shape and contour the land.

General earthworks and cleanfilling operations is what we do, from small to large scale, when it comes to skilfully landscaping lifestyle blocks we are the ones to call!"

~ Iydden Wood, Director


Cleanfill Projects

We offer a range of Cleanfill projects free-of-charge, both large and small which can add significant value to a property. We have completed dozens of consented projects and are the market leaders within the North and North-West Auckland region.

We often find that landowners don't like certain aspects of their property, but were not aware that these things can be fixed. These are usually low-lying, boggy paddocks that can be elevated, unsuable gulleys that can be filled and shaped or steep paddocks that can be levelled out.


Dirtworks has carried out hundreds of Earthworks projects on lifestyle blocks ranging from driveways and house cuts to filling in old ponds or extending lawns into large level usable areas.


We offer full metal driveway refurbishment and/or repairs.